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Thread Topic: Weekly Forum Update Friday 22nd September 2017
Topic Originator:   Amy
Post Date September 22, 2017 @ 2:30 PM

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Happy Friday everybody!

Here is your update for this week...

On Monday, busty Stacey P was finally back in shooting for OnlyTease, Only-Costumes and Only-Sportswear whilst smoking hot Sophia Blake was in shooting for Art-Lingerie, Only-Sportswear and Only-Costumes. On Tuesday, both gorgeous models were back for a second day. Stacey P shot for Only-Opaques, Only-Secretaries and OnlySilkandSatin on Tuesday, whilst Sophie Blake shot for OnlyTease, Only-Opaques and Only-Secretaries. On Wednesday, Naughty Naomi M was in shooting for OnlyTease, Only-Secretaries, Only-Opaques and Only-Sportswear. On Thursday - unfortunately, Roxy Mendez had to cancel her shoort- so drop-dead gorgeous redhead Kara Carter saved the day by shooting for Only-Secretaries, OnlySilkandSatin and Layered-Nylons. Today, we have tantalising Tayla in the studio shooting for OnlyTease, Only-Secretaries and OnlySilkandSatin.

Next week...

On Monday, Luscious Layla May will be back shooting for Only-Secretaries, OnlySilkandSatin, Layered-Nylons and Only-Costumes whilst seductive Siobhan Graves will be in shooting for OnlyTease, Layered-Nylons, Only-Costumes and Only-Sportswear. On Tuesday, Layla May will be back for a second day shooting for OnlyTease, Only-Opaques and Only-Sportswear whilst we have a gorgeous new model, Lenny, in the studio to shoot her debut for OnlyTease, Only-Secretaries and Only-Costumes. On Wednesday, beautiful Becky X will be in shooting for OnlyTease, OnlySilkandSatin and Art-Lingerie. On Thursday, raunchy Roxy will be in shooting for OnlyTease and Layered-Nylons. On Friday Roxy will be in for a second day shooting for OnlySilkandSatin, Only-Secretaries, Only-Costumes and Only-Sportswear ( there will be only one model on Friday as there will only be one photographer in the studio)


As always, all of the above is subject to change!

Have a great weekend everybody! Just found out that there is a FREE sci fi convention in Bromley tomorrow.. so I know where I will be going! 

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Thanks for more confirmation of Sophia at Art Lingerie. On my To Download list next subscription. Maybe there will be more sets and another video or two by then.

@Amy - You need Capt. James T, Kirk's autograph.


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