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Thread Topic: The Glamour Report
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Post Date January 19, 2018 @ 2:38 PM

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^ Heh, looks like some cheap motel rooms I've stayed in over the years. The style of this one is pretty close to existing OAS sets, so if @Sarah is looking to create just another bedroom, this one's good enough. But my impression is she's planning on something bigger 'n' better (well, better) and so is gonna push herself (and maybe Paul's credit card) to new limits. If so, it could be cool and I'm sure the girls will look forward to gettting nekkid in it.



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^ I posted it , more because of the colours. Sarah has let us know that the British or "MOD" room was the first to be remodelled , and that is a room with nice bright colours . Your room here ^ , while stylish too , looks a bit "cold" . The MOD room gives the impression of not being  that big . But I see why you like it : no curtains or as you call 'em drapes .

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